ECAB Christmas Specials 2021

Unsecured Loans - Calling All Essential Workers!

Breathe easy this Christmas with an Essential Christmas loan from the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank.

Our essential workers have been true heroes and we’re here for you. Borrow up to EC$25,000 unsecured at the lowest interest rate, up to 5 years to repay plus pay nothing for the first month.

Call us at 480-6090 and ask about our ECAB Essential Christmas loan today.

Click here to view the list of eligible Essential Workers and supporting documents required to accelerate the processing of your loan application.

Breathe Easy - ECAB Christmas Specials 2021
Spread the Love - ECAB Christmas Specials 2021

Credit Cards - Spread the Love This Holiday Season

Shop this Christmas with your new ECAB Contactless, Chip & PIN card. Paying with your credit card is quick, easy and secure.

Not only do our contactless cards make it convenient to Tap and Pay, but our internationally accepted VISA card gives you exceptional rewards every time you use it. Rewards can be redeemed for use locally or internationally.

Apply today and get up to 5000 reward points as soon as your application is approved.

Click here to start your application today.

Home Equity Loan – Let Your Home Work For You

Are you looking to make a few changes to your home or do you need some additional funds to make an upcoming purchase? Well let your home, work for you.

Speak with one of our Loans Specialists today and find out about covering the costs of your next purchase using your home equity.

At, 100% financing, maximum term 3 years and no repayment for the first 30 days, why wait! Let’s start that conversation today, call us at 480-6090 and ask about our ECAB Home Equity Loan.

Need extra cash - ECAB Christmas Specials 2021

All promotions end January 14th 2022