Green Energy Loans

The Green Energy Loan - Good for the environment and your pocket!

The ECAB Green Energy Loan provides homeowners and potential homeowners like you with the right financing to get your very own solar panel system.

Our Green Energy Loan offers:

  • Up to $135,000.00 financing
  • Low interest rates
  • Up to 10 years to repay
  • No deposit required for current homeowners


  • Primary ID (Passport Preferred)
  • Proof of Address (Driver's License, Electoral Identification, APUA Bill, Bank Statement)
  • Job Letter
  • Social Security Card
  • A quotation from an ECAB- recognized solar panel system provider.
  • Valuation Report (Arranged by ECAB)

Contact a member of our RCL Team at 480-6186 or email

Terms and conditions apply.

Save money and reduce your electric bill

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