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Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank is committed to serving our customers and our communities by truly understanding their needs and by delivering innovative banking products and programs along with superior customer service to help them realize their dreams.

Please use our contact form below to submit your inquiries, requests, concerns or feedback. You can also contact us at:

1000 Airport Boulevard
PO Box 315
St. John’s Antigua
Tel: 268-480-5300
Fax: 268-480-5433
Email: info@ecabank.com

Customer Support & Digital Banking: 268-480-6186
Dockyard Fax: 268-462-8944
Redcliffe Street Fax: 268-480-6112
Woods Centre Fax: 268-480-5498


Note: Please do not include any PINs, Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, passwords or any other private or confidential information in your message.