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VISA Business Credit Card

Offers small companies a powerful combination of financial options. It provides a credit line with flexible payment terms for small companies to make their daily purchases.  Visa Business simplifies accounting by separating personal spending from business spending - a key feature for small companies. It provides an unequalled payment method due to its wide acceptance at millions of merchants worldwide.


  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Immediate Recognition
  • Prestige and status
  • Convenience and simplicity
  • Increased Control
  • Increased Security
  • Fast and convenient access to cash up to the balance available on the account through the Visa/PLUS® ATM network around the world.
  • Travel Accident Insurance up to $250,000
  • Auto Rental Insurance - Only in the United States and Canada (coverage not valid in Puerto Rico and/or the US Virgin Islands of the United States)
  • US Dollar Card
  • Access to Visa Business Network

The Visa Business Card does not offer Visa Rewards

Apply Now and take the requisite supporting documents to your nearest ECAB branch location for processing.

 Visa Business Network

Learn how to improve your business through the online Visa Business Network. Visa Business Network is a networking site that brings small business owners together to move their businesses forward through today’s challenges and achieve their goals and dreams. Join more than 100,000 other small businesses in this growing community to:

  • Pursue goals - Set a goal and get support from the community, then leverage tools and get expert help.
  • Network and grow - Forge relationships and get new customers and leads.
  • See results - Achieve your goals and realize dreams for your business.

Visit the Visa Business Network to sign up at

You will discover in-depth solutions to help you manage, operate and build business, Check out their free interactive workshops that provide you with the know-how to establish and run a successful business, They cover topics such as:


  • Conducting a Market Analysis
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Targeting your Market
  • Creating a Strategic Plan
  • Analysing your Competition
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage
  • Pricing your Products and Services


  • Preparing a Balance Sheet
  • Managing your Cash Flow
  • Running a Profitable Company
  • Creating a Profit and Loss Statement
  • Analysing your Financial Ratios
  • Assessing your Company’s Financial Needs


  • Personalization Strategies to attract and retain customers
  • Identify your Sales Strategy
  • Building your Brand
  • Promoting your Business
  • Advertising your Business