Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you have questions about your E-Card transactions, credit card payment or Internet banking we have the answer. You can find the answer to most of your customer service questions in our frequently asked questions section.  It could save you a lot of time and provide quick answers to common questions.

General Questions

Where can I find an ECAB location and what are your hours of operation?
Click here to see a full list of ECAB locations.
How do I notify the bank of an address change?
We recommend that you visit your nearest ECAB Branch or contact us for assistance.
Who should I contact regarding a general question on my account?
You can contact us by using our email, calling our Client Service Center at (268) 480-6187 or visit your nearest ECAB Branch for assistance.

Savings and Current Accounts

How do I open an account?
Stop by your nearest branch location and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will assist you with the process.
How long will it take to open an account when I apply online?
When you apply for a bank account online, your account information will be ready for processing the next day.  You are required to appear in person, deliver your supporting documents and affix your signature to the signature card before the account can be opened.
Can I view my account online?
Account information is available via E-Banking 24 hours a day. If you do not have an E-Banking account, you can register now.  
Does ECAB require a minimum deposit to open a new account?
Yes, but not all accounts have the same requirement.  Please refer to our Product Listing for more details.
How do I access my funds after they are deposited into my Account?
You will also be provided an E-Card, which is a Visa® International Debit Card that can be utilized for cash withdrawals at thousands of ATMs worldwide.  You can also access your funds by utilizing the cheques that are provided with your current account or you can visit any of our branch location to make a withdrawal. 
How do I reorder checks?
You can reorder checks at any of our branch locations or you can place your order via E-Banking.
How do I close my account?
Your signature is required to process this type of request. If you are unable to visit an Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB) branch, please send an original signed request to the branch where you opened you account(s).  Letters sent from outside of Antigua must be signed and notarized by a registered notary in your jurisdiction.

Certificate of Deposits (CD)

What happens to my account when my CD matures?
ECAB will contact you via mail and/or telephone prior to the maturity date to remind you of your CD maturity and offer you a variety of renewal options. The CD will automatically renew for the same term at the current rate. If you do not want your CD to automatically renew, you should notify us at least ten calendar days prior to maturity.
When will I receive my CD renewal certificate?
Renewal certificates are sent out two months prior to your renewal date. You can also view your statement online by logging into ECAB E-Banking. Additionally, maturity notices are sent approximately two months before your CD matures.
How often is interest credited to my ECAB Certificate of Deposit?
Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly, quarterly or at maturity.
Can I withdraw interest from my ECAB Certificate of Deposit every month?
Interest can be paid to a savings account monthly, quarterly or at maturity.
What is the minimum deposit for an ECAB Certificate of Deposit?
An initial deposit of $5,000 is required to open an ECAB CD.
What are the transaction limits for ECAB Certificate of Deposits?

The following limitations apply:

Fixed CD - After your account is opened, you may not make additional deposits or withdrawals until maturity. Withdrawals are subject to an early withdrawal fee except at maturity.

Flex CD - Additional deposits of $2,000 or more can be made at any time after the account is opened.  You may withdraw up to 25% of the original balance providing that the CD balance does not fall below the required minimum balance of $5,000. Withdrawals are restricted to 1, 2 and 4 withdrawal allowances on the 3, 6 and 12 month Flex CDs respectively before a penalty applies.

What fees are associated with my ECAB Certificate of Deposit?

Penalty fees are assessed on all Certificate of deposits that are closed prior to maturity and on Flex CD withdrawals that exceed the specified allowances.  Fees are assessed as outlined below:

Account details

Fixed CD

Flex CD

Closed – Under 3 months

Forfeit total interest

Forfeit total interest

Closed – Over 3 months

Interest calculated at prevailing savings rate

Interest calculated at prevailing savings rate

Withdrawals exceeding allowance

Under 6 months


One (1) months interest

Withdrawals exceeding allowance

6 - 12 months


Two (2) months interest


Withdrawals exceeding allowance

Over 12 months


Three (3) months interest


Balances that fall below the minimum deposit

Status changed to regular savings

Status changed to regular savings

Retirement Accounts

What is a REZA?
REZA stands for Retire EZ Account. It is an account tailored for individuals’ retirement savings. We recommend that you name a beneficiary(s) for your account in the event of your death.
Am I eligible for REZA?
If you are an individual between the ages of 18 and 55 who earns a regular income, you are eligible to establish a REZA.
Is the REZA eligible for any tax deductions?
There is a Personal Income Tax deductible allowance of 20%, up to a maximum $2,000, of contributions to the account from chargeable income for the income year.
Are there any other benefits of the REZA?
Yes, for a monthly administration fee of $30, you receive $50,000 life insurance average which is payable to your beneficiaries at death along with the balance of your REZA.
How much can I deposit to my REZA?
There is a minimum compulsory deposit of $100 per month. There is no ceiling on deposits and you can increase your contributions at any time.  Lump-sum payments are also allowed.
Is there a penalty for early withdrawals?
Yes, the penalties for early withdrawal from the plan prior to maturity are the tax-refund and loss of any interest income earned above the regular savings rate.
Is there an age limit when I HAVE TO withdraw from my REZA?
No. There is no age limit when it is mandatory for you to withdraw funds from you REZA. However, at age 60 you can begin to make withdrawals without penalty.
What happens to my account in the event of my death?
The entire proceeds of your account will be paid to your named beneficiary(s).
When can I withdraw from my REZA without penalty?
You can withdraw without penalty anytime after 10 years from age 60, or in the event of disability or critical illness.
Can I use my REZA account as collateral?
Retirement account balances can be assigned to ECAB as security or collateral for:
  1. Land. Or house and land purchase
  2. Medical related expenses
  3. Education of contributor and or children

Credit Card

How do I apply for an ECAB credit card?
You can apply for an ECAB credit card by filling out the online application and taking the supporting documents to your nearest branch location for processing.  You may also fill out an application during your next visit to the bank.
When will I receive my card?
You normally receive your card within 1-2 weeks of your application date.
Can I access my ECAB credit card account information online?
Yes, you can access your credit card information via secure E-Banking.
How do I receive information about my current balance and the amounts due?
You will receive a monthly statement detailing you current balance and the amount due for payment.  You can also access information via E-Banking or by calling our Credit Card department at 480-5300.
How do I make payments on my credit card?
You can make payments on your credit card over the counter at any of our locations. You may also transfer funds using our payment order form.
Are there any penalties for late payments?
There is a late payment penalty of US$15 for payments made after the due date.
How do I request a limit increase on my credit card account?
You can apply for a limit increase by submitting a letter in person or via postal mail. Include your full name, the amount you're requesting, the last four digits of your card number and your signature. Currently, we do not process this request via fax or phone.
How does the Visa-Reward program work?
You will earn one Visa-Reward point for every US$1 that you spend using your VISA® Credit Card to make purchases in-store, online or telephone. 
How can I spend or redeem my E-Rewards points?
You can redeem your E-Reward points for airfare, hotel and car rentals at this time. Visit our Visa Reward Site to review your redemption options.
What is the minimum number of points I need before redeeming?
Point redemption varies.  Please contact our E-Rewards redemption center at 480-6101 or visit our Visa Rewards site for more details.
Where can I find more information on the E-Rewards program?
You can find more information on the E-Rewards program here
What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your ECAB E-Card is lost or stolen contact the bank immediately at 480-6101.  Outside of regular banking hours, you can contact the following emergency numbers 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Emergency contacts

United States

Other Countries

Visa® Global Assistance Center



MasterCard® Travel & Global Services



For faster service, please have the following information handy when you call:

  • Name of financial or banking institution that issued your card
  • Type of card: Visa Classic or Gold, MasterCard Standard or Gold.
  • Country where the card was issued

If you know the 16-digit account number of your credit card/E-Card, please also have the following information handy so your lost/stolen card report can be processed faster:

  • Full credit card or E-Card account number.
  • Whether you are the primary or secondary account holder.
  • Exact name of cardholder as it appears on the card.
  • Billing address where the cardholder regularly receives monthly statements.
  • Home telephone number.
  • Circumstances of card loss or theft.
  • Additional information for verification purposes: Social Security Number or equivalent ID number, date of birth, mother's maiden name, etc.

Please bear in mind that the secondary account holder should also provide additional information for identity verification purposes.

Loans and Mortgages

What are your current rates?
Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB) is committed to offering competitive rates for all our financial products. Interest rates vary depending on the type and terms of the loan requested.  Contact one of our friendly Loan Officers at 480-5300 to discuss your lending needs.
How do I apply for a loan?
You can fill out our Loan Application online or you may contact one of our friendly Loans Officers to schedule an appointment. 
What are the requirements to apply for a loan at ECAB?
Loan requirements vary; please contact one of our Loans Officers at 480-5300.
How do I make Loan Installment payments?
You can make you loan payments at any of our branch locations by transferring funds via E-Banking or by establishing a monthly standing order.


What kind of computer equipment and software do I need for E-Banking?
Any Internet-enabled device such as a computer can interface with the E-Banking system. A home computer that runs on an operating system such as Windows 95 or later, with a minimum modem band speed of 14.4 kilobits per second (kbps) is adequate. You will also need a Web browser, such as Netscape 4.7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Note: You must have the 128-bit secure versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape.
Is E-Banking safe and secure?
We have taken precautions to offer you an E-Banking system that is secure and protected. It features password-controlled system entry, a VeriSign-issued Digital ID for the bank's server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a router loaded with a firewall to regulate the flow of server traffic. To deter unauthorized Log in attempts, the system will lock out the user after three unsuccessful tries. It is recommended you memorize and protect your Login ID and Password.
How can I tell if my connection is secure?
A. If you are using a Microsoft browser, there will be a small icon shaped like a locked padlock in the lower right hand corner of the browser. The Netscape browser icon is shaped like a key. The web address will start with “https:\\” instead of “http://”. The additional “s” in the address usually indicates a secure site.
What does SSL mean?
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is a cryptographic protocol that provide security and data integrity for communications over networks such as the Internet.
What is 128-bit encryption?
Encryption is the scrambling of information for transmission back and forth between two points. A key is required to decode the information.  128-bit encryption is the highest level of encryption used to ensure that online transmissions are secure
What account services can I do online?

There are a variety of self-service features available to you through E-Banking. You can:

  • View account balances for checking, savings, CDs and loans.
  • View historical account information.
  • Download transaction data into personal finance programs such as Quicken or Microsoft Money.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Pay utility bills directly from your account.
  • Reorder cheques.
  • Initiate stop payment requests.
  • E-mail messages
Can I access my accounts from more than one location?
Yes. You can access your account information from any computer that is equipped with Internet access anywhere in the world.
Will all my accounts appear on my account list?
Yes, all accounts held by you and/or businesses that are linked to your customer information file will appear on the list upon your request.
Is E-Banking compatible with Microsoft Money, Excel, QuickBooks or Quicken?
Yes, your history can be exported to business and personal money management software such as Microsoft Money, Excel, Quick Books or Quicken.
What are the guidelines for selecting my password?

You can select your password and change it at any time. Your password will never be known to anyone including bank personnel. The following guidelines apply when selecting your password:

  • Must be 6-8 characters in length.
  • May contain any combination of letters, numbers and hyphens.
  • The password is case-sensitive; i.e. "A" is not the same as "a".
  • Avoid using your identification numbers, your name, date of birth, or names of your children in the password.
  • You must change your password the first time you access E-Banking and every 90 days thereafter.
What if I forget my User ID or password?
If you forget your user ID or password, you can use your “pin reset question to access your account and change your password. If you have been locked out, you will need to come into the bank and make a request for your account to be reset.
I share an account with someone else. Do we both need to enroll or can we share the same Login ID?
Joint account owners will receive only one Login ID and password. However, separate Login IDs can be arranged for multiple users.
What types of accounts can I transfer funds to and from using E-Banking?
You can transfer funds between any of your ECAB checking, savings and loan accounts. You can also make bill payments to merchants such as APUA and Karib Cable.
Can I transfer funds between business accounts?
No.  You cannot transfer between business accounts at this time.
Can I transfer funds between my personal accounts and my business accounts in E-Banking?
Yes. You can transfer funds from your personal account to a business account as long as both accounts are linked. If your business account has more than one signatory, you will have the option of setting it to do transfers “in and out” or transfers “in” only.
How quickly will a transfer take place?
Transfers are processed on the same business day. However, any transfers made after 4pm or Sunday will be processed on the next business day.
Can I set up recurring or future-dated transfers?
Yes. You can set up recurring and future-dated transfers by clicking on the options tab and selecting transfers.
Are there limits to the number of transfers I can make?
E-Banking imposes no limits to the number of transfers you can make. However, there is a limit on the total amount that you can transfer daily.
Are there limits to the total amount that I can transfer daily?
You can transfer up to a maximum of $99,999 between linked accounts daily.
When using Bill Payment, whom can I pay?
For your convenience, the bank has provided an online list. Click here to download the list of Bill Pay Merchants.
When will my account be updated?
Balances are updated every evening, except Sundays.
How can I contact the bank if I have a problem or question?
You can contact ECAB’s Customer Service Department during regular banking hours at (268) 480-5300. 

Foreign Exchange

How do I initiate a wire transfer to another financial institution?

To transfer funds to an international or regional bank account, please visit your nearest Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB) branch location to complete the required payment order form.

To process an international wire transfer you must provide the name, the full address, SWIFT code or ABA number for the beneficiary bank, and the account number of the person to whom you want to send the funds.

For an ECCU-regional wire transfer you will need to provide the name, the full address, the BIC or SWIFT code Number for the beneficiary bank, and the account number of the person to whom you want to send the funds.

How do I wire money from overseas to my ECAB Bank account?
To receive and incoming wire to your ECAB account, you will need to provide the sender with instructions, which allow them to identify Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB). Instructions vary depending on the currency and origin, please download our current instructions and forward them to the sender.
Do I need to be a customer to buy Foreign Currency from ECAB?
Anyone can purchase currency from ECAB with a valid ID.
Does ECAB charge a fee for the purchase of foreign currency?
ECAB charges a 0.5% fee on foreign currency purchases which exceed $1,000.00.  There is no fee to exchange foreign currency.
What is the minimum and maximum purchase amount?
There is no minimum foreign currency purchase amount.  The maximum purchase amount may vary depending on the public’s demand and the amount available.
Can I buy or exchange foreign coins?
No, we do not buy or sell foreign coins at this time.
What do I do if my Foreign Exchange Travelers Cheques are lost or stolen?
If your Travelers Cheques are lost or stolen, they can be replaced virtually anywhere in the world - usually within 24 hours. American Express Travelers Cheque Customer Service Centers handle claims for lost or stolen Cheques 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your Travelers Cheques are lost or stolen, contact one of their Service Centres immediately.
Where do I find ECAB Foreign Currency exchange rates?
Foreign currency exchange rates are displayed on our website.