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Foreign Exchange Services


A Wire Transfer is the fastest safest way to send or receive funds to or from anywhere in the world. Wire Transfer Wires deliver funds directly into the Recipient’s bank account and funds are credited on the same day.  Initiating a wire transfer at ECAB is easy and convenient and can be completed at any of our four convenient locations.

You can also receive international payments using the following incoming wire instructions

Learn all you need to know about sending an outgoing wire here.


Bank Drafts are bank cheques written in a foreign currency. A Bank Draft allows you to pay for college tuition and pay for overseas purchases or send money to friends and family.  ECAB issues bank drafts in all major currencies for the remittance of funds locally, regionally and internationally. Bank Drafts are safe and economical and can be purchased at any ECAB location.


Purchase your foreign currency before you travel to ensure that you have cash for immediate expenses — such as tips, taxis, or meals. We offer all major currency at our four convenient branch locations.  Visit us today to discuss your foreign currency needs.