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Verified by Visa® Transactions

At the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Limited (ECAB), we provide a variety of security features for our card products, some of which are built into our products and services, to help protect you and your monies against the various forms of theft and loss or unauthorized use of your debit and credit cards.

ECAB is an active participant in the Verified by Visa programme offered through our partners, Caribbean Credit Card Corporation in association with the card networks, to provide extra protection when you shop online.

This protection allows you to authenticate yourself when using your ECAB credit or debit card online by requiring the use of a personalized password and security questions. You can shop with confidence knowing that when you make a purchase with your ECAB credit and debit card at an online merchant you are protected.

For more information on the Verified by Visa programme click here to access our Frequently Asked Questions.

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