Managing Your Card
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Managing Your Card

At ECAB we provide you with convenient ways to PIN your credit card and keep up-to-date on your card activity and payments. Once you have received your ECAB card, there are a few things you should do to before you start using your card.

Accessing Your Credit or Prepaid Card Account Online

Manage your credit card through the ECAB Credit Card Online Portal and the Caribbean Cards Mobile App. Keeping track of your credit card expenditure is easier than ever. View your transactions, card balance, My Rewards points, access your statements and set up transaction alerts through our Credit Card Online Portal. Gain access to this feature by simply visiting our website at and selecting Credit Card Online to register your ECAB credit card.

Follow these steps to view your card account online.

Want to view your card activity while on the go? Download the Caribbean Credit Card Corporation Mobile App. You can access your card transaction information with the touch of a button. The Caribbean Credit Card Corporation Mobile App is available through the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

Pinning Your Prepaid or Credit Card Online

Now that you can access your card through our Credit Card Online Portal, you can proceed to create your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your card. A Personal Identification Number or PIN is a unique number that is used to verify the identity of the holder of a card. It is used to authorize transactions at point of sale terminals and access cash via ATM’s that accept VISA credit cards. Using ECAB Credit Card Online Portal, you have the ability to change your ECAB credit or prepaid card PIN anywhere, any time.

To create or change your PIN, please thesefollow the steps below:

1. Visit and login to the ECAB Credit Card Online Portal.

2. Select Preferences and verify your email and phone information are up to date.

3. Select Change PIN. Enter your new four digit PIN number.

4. Select Change PIN.

5. You will receive a confirmation message advising your PIN has been changed.

Should you have any questions, regarding your card or accessing the Card Online Portal, please contact our Customer Service and Digital Banking Department at 480-6186 Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.