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Building a home is one of the single largest investments you will make within your lifetime. At ECAB, the financing of your home would be managed with great consideration. Our Credit Staff will help you select a mortgage plan that is ideal for your needs. 


  • Interest rates as low as 7% per annum charged on a monthly reducing balance basis. 
  • Up to 95% of financing available.
  • Maximum term up to 30 years.
  • Pre-Approved Credit Card up to US$5,000.00.
  • Loan proceeds disbursed in accordance with Fixed Price Contract. 
  • 100% financing available with land ownership.


  • Dedicated and knowledgeable Credit staff to counsel and assist with questions or queries.
  • Speedy approvals.
  • No penalty for accelerated repayments (repayment greater than specified regular payment amount) or early loan pay-off providing the Bank is given 3 months notice.
  • Interest is paid only on monthly amounts drawn-down during period of construction.
  • One month’s grace period is given before commencement of monthly repayments subsequent to the completion of construction.


  • Detailed estimate of construction by Builder/Contractor
  • Approved plans from DCA.
  • Fixed Price Construction Contract.
  • Valuation from a bank approved valuator.
  • Demand Charge over property for the full loan amount.
  • Mortgage indemnity insurance (Optional).
  • Property insurance coverage for the value of the structure assigned to the bank as security.
  • Bank reference.
  • Job letter confirming salary and terms of employment.


  • Legal fees discounted.
  • Negotiation fee of 0.50% of loan amount. 


Given up hope of owning your own home? Saving for your home is easy with an ECAB Home Savings account. Home Savings are designed to help you boost your savings for a deposit on your first home or to make additions or improvements to your home.


  • A minimum opening deposit requirement of EC$100.00.
  • Interest rate of 2.25% p.a.
  • Interest is paid quarterly.
  • Interest rates are based on a monthly average of daily balances.
  • Withdrawal requests by Customer Payment Order Form only and limited to:
        1. Building/Purchasing a home
        2. Renovating your home
        3. Property insurance premiums
        4. Property Taxes
        5. Closing cost and other expenses associated with owning your home, e.g. legal fees, valuations.
  • Statements are issued quarterly.
  • Unlimited number of deposits allowed.
  • Automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account allows you to put saving money for the house down payment on autopilot.
  • Monthly additions can be bundled with your Land or Mortgage loan payments for automatic savings additions.
  • No monthly service charge to maintain the account.