Land Loans
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Land Loans


  • Low down payment of 5%
  • Low Interest rate of 7%
  • Flexible repayment terms: weekly, semi-monthly and monthly
  • Maximum Term of 30 years
  • Up to 100% financing, with savings account
  • Interest rate on savings account up to 3.25% p.a.*
  • Payment for purchase can be made by Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB) Draft payable to the individual seller or company
  • Land loans are available for individuals, joint-parties, sole-proprietors, partnerships and other legal business entities.

Other Requirements 

  • Sales Invoice from seller
  • Valuation from a bank approved valuator
  • Job letter in confirmation of salary and terms of employment
  • Credit Reference
  • Demand Charge over property for the full loan amount
  • Disclosure of personal assets, expenses and evidence of other income sources if applicable
  • Bank reference


  • Legal Fees
  • Negotiation fee of 1% of loan amount

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